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gazeb_deathride's Journal

Ahoy Livejournalians! It is a me, Gazeb_deathride! I am completely new at this, and due to the laziness, lack of creativity and my curse known as shyness, I have stepped far behind in creating an interesting live journal page.

*I guess I should start with the basics...* < That was my mind, you will get to see her a lot. She is me, of course; However she is the "ballsy-no bullshit with massive powers" side of me. I guess since I am in a good mood I'll let her participate in this virtual charade.

Main reason I joined live journal was so I could comment on some of the ballsiest people with very creative ways of expression. That's pretty much it for the moment. I also decided: Maybe some quirky moments of my life could be interesting to some. So let's have a go at this.

For the moment I'll remain some current information a mystery. I'm too excited for this that I know I won't cover much today. I guess this will take some time. Also I would like to excuse myself for writing errors. I'll consider this a good practice field in my writing and using my English as my second language.

I'll update daily if I can. The interests will change, I mean come on! There so many!

And finally I would like to give a shutout to the very nice people who has welcomed me so far: The Lovely Das_Mervin and my friendly neighbor lollapalooza108.

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